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Joe & Mac Caveman Ninja Limited Edition (PS5/NSW)

Joe & Mac Caveman Ninja Limited Edition (PS5/NSW)

Joe & Mac Caveman Ninja

Welcome to prehistorical jungle

We’re back in the distant Past, when “Rock & Roll” was just about rocks and “Fast food”, a dinner that you couldn’t catch.

2 cave dudes named Joe & Mac live in a peaceful and cool village. Cool it was, until a bogus bunch of Neanderthal snatched all the village’s women.

It’s now up to Joe & Mac to save them all, and fight against deadly dinosaurs and carnivorous plants in this crazy and colorful action-plateformer from Jurassic time, with completely redesigned graphics!

The HD version of this famous arcade game is still fun and quirky, but also longer, better, faster, stronger

  • A BRANDNEW DESIGN: Experience a full and faithful remake of the arcade original game with new graphics, new sounds, and better control for an unprecedented experience
  • NEW MODES: 2 modes are at the menu, the arcade Mode (Remake) and an extended mode that will bring you a longer game experience.
  • CO-OP MODE: one pre-historical dude may be not enough, ask a friend to play with you to share a stronger adventure.
  • Each mode will have new FEATURES: a training mode, a boss rush mode, a score attack mode and, to play faster than ever, a speedrun mode !

ALL these features FOR A funny, colorful, and quirky GAME, and challenging and full of content GAME FOR ALL kind of players

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